September 2016



Prototype Twice…Cut Once

When we engineer an experience that blends both physical and digital elements, it is crucial that our team understands the scale, limitations, and properties of the materials, hardware, and software that we are using. Without this understanding, you can waste time and resources producing an experience that doesn’t match your original vision.

This lesson is one that I learned all too well several years ago from a humble wooden floor lamp.


Taking our 3D Modeling Skills to a Different Dimension

Grab a piece of fresh, white printer paper and let’s make this work day a little more interesting. Go to Google and look for a robot arm (or if you’re like one of our project managers, Thomas, just grab your favorite action figure out of the 42 sitting on your desk). Draw a quick sketch of what you see.

Done? Good. Now, without looking too silly, move around the room and draw every angle of that arm that you can see. Oh, and while you’re at it…think about how that arm will look at any given time of day. Pretty tough assignment, isn’t it? Welcome to 3D modeling for VR.


Senior Graphic Designer Job Opening

Senior Graphic Designer Job Opening

Posted: September 8, 2016                            

Department: Design

The Senior Graphic Designer is responsible for creating extraordinary brand experiences for a variety of high-profile clients and must possess the ability to create compelling communications based on messaging and positioning with an obsession for achieving clarity and emotional connections. The Senior Graphic Designer must have the ability to analyze, plan, and create visual solutions through the application of specialized techniques within a variety of media forms including video, slide presentations, environmental graphics, website design, and interactive multimedia, and must consider visual design essential to the creation of an engaging and intuitive user experience. The Senior Graphic Designer is also responsible for client-facing project presentations and interactions as well as contributing to the team-oriented philosophies established by the Design Director.


  • Four-year degree in Graphic Design or closely related degree required
  • Four to seven years as a graphic designer within a studio, agency or in-house environment, preferably with strong skills in creative review and quality assessment
  • Demonstrate creative ways to present complex information using graphics techniques
  • Solid understanding of both business and user goals while having a clear grasp of how to effectively present information in creative and informative ways
  • Must exhibit character traits that enable him/her to present concepts and ideas internally and externally with expert authority
  • Adaptable to the challenges of a variety of media, as well as adaptable to benefit from creative feedback, internally and externally
  • Strong verbal communication skills, presentation skills, and solid writing ability is essential
  • Advanced skills in typography, composition, and color


  • Must have knowledge, experience, & advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite and the Mac OS environment
  • Must have working knowledge of applications including word processing, spreadsheets, database, & presentation software
  • This position may require the capability to learn new applications such as Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and more


  • Be proactive in understanding all materials associated with the project; its intended use, target audience, and final deliverable. Follow through to the end making sure the project exceeds expectations.
  • Work with teammates on all creative graphic components of a project.
  • Create logos/type treatments, identity systems, print, web, and screen layouts, attract screens for interactive projects, navigational controls, and other graphic elements as required.
  • Maintain consistency and continuity of creative concepts and project details as designed.
  • Lay out and produce print, slide, web, environmental/large scale graphics, and other component materials as required.
  • Work with outside creative vendors, providing art direction.
  • Work with outside production vendors, reviewing and approving proofs and attending press checks as required.
  • Write copy that embodies a specific tone or voice.
  • Stay abreast of technical and creative resources.

Working Relationships

The Senior Graphic Designer reports directly to the Design Director

So, what do you think?

Do you have what it takes to be an Anodian?

Submit a cover letter and résumé to Anode’s Director of Operations via email at

PLEASE NOTE: This position is full-time and requires relocation to Nashville, TN. We will not consider contractors, placement agencies/headhunters, or remote workers.


Choosing the Right Software Tools for Our Road Trip into VR

The car is packed, the passengers are loaded, and the snack rations have been properly distributed. The sky is clear and the road is calling. Now, it’s time to make the most important decision of the road trip: Which GPS app should we use to arrive at our destination?

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