Bridgestone Interactive Exhibit

Designing a Winner's Exhibit

For their 2010 Winners Circle Exhibition, Bridgestone asked Anode for something interactive, insightful, and different. In just eight short weeks, we produced a physical exhibit with seven projectors, three video screens, three translucent touch panels, a twenty-foot gesture-based interactive wall, and a branded tower with circular truss work. The end result was a unique educational experience for Bridgestone dealers.

Three translucent panels measuring 3′ x 4′ were placed throughout the exhibit. These touch-enabled panels engaged dealers with an interactive quiz on the performance driving market. To begin the quiz, dealers selected a series of virtual cards to create a real-world customer scenario. The dealer was then prompted to identify the Bridgestone product that would best meet the customer need. With multiple cards for demographics, vehicle types and driving preferences, the game included numerous possible customer scenarios to test dealer knowledge.

The centerpiece of the exhibit was an 8′ by 20′ interactive projection that responded to each visitor’s movement. Walking in front of the wall would cause tires to rain down the screen wherever the visitor passed. By standing in the center of the wall, dealers could open a new product showcase to learn about 2011 Bridgestone products. Dealers used arm movements to navigate between product lines and to rotate individual tires. For some lighthearted entertainment, Anode also created a virtual air hockey game. The puck was replaced with a Bridgestone tire, and dealers used hand gestures to face off against their opponents.

To complete this project, Anode collaborated with multiple outside partners to coordinate the specialized equipment required for the intended look and feel. With custom frames designed and built for each of the screens, the Anode team successfully achieved projections void of shadows and light spills. This project reflects the creativity of Anode’s design team, and highlights the company’s ability to successfully implement new technologies such as projection-based interactivity.

Bridgestone Interactive Exhibit 2