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5 Ways to Make Your Interactive Exhibit a Brand Touchpoint

Most museum exhibit teams are comprised of curators and educators whose primary focus lies on the originality of interpretation–not on highlighting an organization’s brand. Though not at the forefront of the team’s objectives, every interactive exhibit experience should be considered a brand touchpoint for your organization.


UI Breakdown: Making the Grade at MBA

To celebrate their 150th anniversary, Montgomery Bell Academy asked us to create an interactive exhibit that would celebrate the school’s rich history in the context of their vibrant present. This interactive experience would need to attract the all-boy student body by feeling modern, intuitive and familiar, without straying from the school’s brand standards–which are richly engraved, etched and inlaid throughout the school’s campus.

After a few initial visits with the MBA team, we knew we would need to explore a graphically rich user interface to create a powerful connection between the school’s digital archive and social media content.


5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Interactive (Without Sacrificing the Visitor Experience)

We produce interactive experiences for a broad range of budgets–from simple video jukeboxes with a handful of choices to museum galleries packed with touchscreen activities. Our clients always expect quality work with a high production value, but ultimately budget limitations are also always a factor in settling on the final solution.

During the course of conceptualizing and estimating a solution (in what we call the Discovery and Definition Phase), the following five areas will play an important role in calculating the final overall cost of your project. Understanding and planning for these issues will help you get the best interactive experience for your money–without compromising the end user experience.


Get The Midas Touch: Analytics Reveal Your Golden Content

In Greek mythology, King Midas is remembered as the king with the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. And just like King Midas, how can you tell if visitors to your touchscreen are turning your information into gold?


The Hidden Message in Our Tower Sculpture

When the time came for a makeover of the exterior of our building, we knew we wanted a bold statement that carried with it a sense of sophistication, while also hiding a secret message that only employees and friends (who are in on the secret) could appreciate.


TMBT – Gibson Stars and Guitars Interactive

We recently started an initiative called “Take Me Back Tuesday” to educate our newer employees on Anode’s history of developing interactive museum exhibits. This week we looked back to 1995. The year that Toy Story hit theaters; the DVD format was introduced; and the year Gibson Guitars turned 100.


Frank Lloyd Wright on Digital Information Design

About nine miles west of downtown Chicago, the Des Plaines River meanders across the prairie through the planned community of Riverside, Illinois. Settled nearly 200 years ago, this “Village in the Forest” was designed by the father of landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmstead. With curved streets, gaslights, park-like lots and greenways, Riverside contains one of the most architecturally important houses in the US.

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