Get The Midas Touch

BY Jeff Peden

In Greek mythology, King Midas is remembered as the king with the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. And just like King Midas, how can you tell if visitors to your touchscreen are turning your information into gold?

After all, you’ve crafted your story. You’ve collected and interpreted your digital content. You’ve even changed the layout of your physical space to accommodate the new technology you just purchased. You now have a world-class interactive, touchscreen experience for your visitors.

But, you find yourself agonizing over one simple question: What are they touching?

Since 2014, our team has been including touchscreen analytics in all interactive exhibits that we deliver. By logging human interactions with the screen, we generate information similar to what you would expect from Google Analytics for your web site.

We track both “global” events (Fig. A) and “content-based” events (Fig. B) to create useful statistics and reports about how your touchscreen interactive is being used.
a) Global Events
Data from…

Attract loop start time
Attract loop interruption time


Number of users
Most active time periods
Duration or dwell time

b) Content-Based Events
Data from…

Fixed-button touches
Database ID of dynamic content


Most used areas of the screen
Most popular content entries
Number of interactions per visitor
Number of completions (for interactives with sequential steps such as quizzes or content creation activities)

All activity logs are collected and compiled in a back-end repository that we then use to generate reports and infographics for our customers. As an example, let’s explore how the interactive student bulletin board located inside the Caine Student Center at Adrian College is being used. The screen capture below shows the main user interface with statistics on how the touchscreen was used over the course of approximately 6 months.

Analytical information is helping our customers identify content updates, plan functionality enhancements, and justify additional screen locations.

To learn more about our project at Adrian College, check out this portfolio page and this video.

To see more examples of how analytics can inform and improve your visitor experience, contact us to discuss your needs.

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