Professional Development
Your Way

Differentiating a new product

Project Details

Client: Edvantia

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: 2010


Edvantia is an educational research and development firm that partners with educational institutions and professionals to improve the quality of teaching and learning. When they created their professional development program, Professional Development Your Way, they realized they needed a way to brand the new product and direct potential clients to information on the Internet.

Initially, Edvantia needed material for a trade show conference they were attending. They worked with Anode to create print materials to hand out at the conference and a micro site so that attendees and potential customers could gather more information on Professional Development Your Way.
Anode created a logo differentiating their new program, designed print marketing materials, and extended the communication channel online with a micro site. The micro site, which links from Edvantia’s main web site, creates a distinct landing page and directs potential customers to specific information about the program.
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