Design Your Neighborhood

Supporting Inspired Youth

Project Details

Client: Nashville Civic Design Center

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: 2011


When you teach youth about design, you empower them. You give them a way to express their opinions and the tools necessary to inform their voice. The Nashville Civic Design Center recognized the power of engaging youth on the topic of design and created the Design Your Neighborhood project. Design Your Neighborhood was conceived as an intensive four-week summer camp that would walk students through the topics of architecture, urban design, planning, civic engagement, graphic design and film-making. During those four weeks, a film crew captured everything that took place and produced a documentary about the project.

Anode’s passion for design and love for the community made Design Your Neighborhood a project close to our hearts. To help the Nashville Civic Design Center spread the story of Design Your Neighborhood, Anode designed several graphics that were used in the documentary. We also created a visually appealing DVD self-mailer that embodied the work of the project.
The power of Design Your Neighborhood lies in seeing the evolution of the participants’ understanding of design and civic engagement. Anode was proud to lend a hand to the Nashville Civic Design Center and help make this learning experience possible.
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