TMI Shred Hate Game

Spreading an anti-bullying message through game play

Project Details

Client: TMI Strategy

Location: Aspen, CO

Date: January 2017

Collaborators: PixelFLEX

Equipment Suppliers: PixelFLEX, Dell, Microsoft


TMI Strategy knows that meaningfully connecting with young people is hard, plain and simple. Causes, interests, and trends change quickly as young people discover new information and new ways to disseminate it. When ESPN asked TMI Strategy to launch an anti-bullying campaign named "Shred Hate" at the Winter X Games, TMI knew they would need a vibrant, active experience to attract the attention of this high-energy audience. The TMI team collaborated with PixelFLEX and Anode to create a larger than life interactive, LED game wall with custom graphics and messaging to support the larger campaign.

To keep things interesting, we incorporated some basic game dynamics for players to test their skills and compete against each other. Players who can shred multiple negative words in a row will increase their scores through combination multipliers. While players who hit one of the randomly generated positive icons will lose points. Scores are logged at the top of the LED display for each player to see how he or she compared to the current top score.

During the course of the Winter X Games, TMI estimates that 7,000 to 10,000 individuals played the game and shredded more than 180,000 hurtful words. Positivity is in our name, and everyone at Anode is honored to have been a small part of this important anti-bullying campaign.
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