August 2015



Lessons for a Positive College Experience (#1: Have Fun)

Over the past few weeks, countless college freshmen have confidently embarked on their college careers with their mini-fridges and laptops in tow. Around this time last year, I was honored to present the convocation speech at my alma mater, Adrian College. As the class of 2019 settles in, I want to share a few highlights from my speech.


Real World C# 6 Impact

We are constantly upgrading our programming tools and languages to take advantage of the latest technologies. The connected, interactive touchscreen applications that we are building today are vastly different than the standalone programs we developed 12 years ago. C# is one of the programming languages that we are currently using to create much richer (and much more reliable) visitor experiences for museums, libraries and corporate visitor spaces.


Planar Features Anode’s Digital Artwork at NPL’s Southeast Branch

We have a long history of purchasing touchscreen monitors from Planar Systems, Inc. and collaborating with their team on various digital media installations. However, it wasn’t until this past March that we had our first chance to meet the Planar team face-to-face.

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