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How Long Should I Expect My Touchscreen to Last?

The touchscreen is the user’s window into your application, exhibit, or interactive experience. If the display quality, color balance, backlight uniformity, or touch responsiveness is less than perfect, the user will notice immediately. When nearly everyone has a high-performance multi-touch screen device in their pocket, they expect the same or better performance from any large touchscreen they encounter in a museum, library, or corporate environment.


‘Pitching In’ to the East Nashville Community

Through our interactive design work, we always look for ways to teach individuals—especially children—new ways to engage with the world around them. We use stories, visual information design, and on-screen activities to guide younger generations to learn from history, discover how things work, or realize the value of teamwork and collaboration.

Whether in the digital or physical world, one of the best ways to foster learning is through hands-on play. Therefore, Anode has been a proud sponsor of the players, coaches, and parents of the East Nashville Little League since 2013.


FAQs From Library Design Institute in Bozeman

The Library Journal Design Institute is a bi-annual event that brings librarians, architects, and vendors together to discuss and explore the future of libraries. We pride ourselves in contributing to the innovations in the library industry, and we believe our interactive applications are helping transform libraries into community destinations. At the most recent LJDI event held at the Bozeman Public Library, we had so many great conversations about our digital end caps, community history interactives, and StoryBuilder application that we wanted to share some of the most frequently asked questions.


UI Breakdown: Making the Grade at MBA

To celebrate their 150th anniversary, Montgomery Bell Academy asked us to create an interactive exhibit that would celebrate the school’s rich history in the context of their vibrant present. This interactive experience would need to attract the all-boy student body by feeling modern, intuitive and familiar, without straying from the school’s brand standards–which are richly engraved, etched and inlaid throughout the school’s campus.

After a few initial visits with the MBA team, we knew we would need to explore a graphically rich user interface to create a powerful connection between the school’s digital archive and social media content.


Anode Project wins gold at District 7 ADDYs

Anode recently took home a gold ADDY® in the 2016 District 7 ADDY Award competition for our interface design of the Adrian College Interactive Kiosks. The American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) is the industry’s largest competition that recognizes superior creative talent within the advertising industry. The District 7 competition is the 2nd tier competition for Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.


5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Interactive (Without Sacrificing the Visitor Experience)

We produce interactive experiences for a broad range of budgets–from simple video jukeboxes with a handful of choices to museum galleries packed with touchscreen activities. Our clients always expect quality work with a high production value, but ultimately budget limitations are also always a factor in settling on the final solution.

During the course of conceptualizing and estimating a solution (in what we call the Discovery and Definition Phase), the following five areas will play an important role in calculating the final overall cost of your project. Understanding and planning for these issues will help you get the best interactive experience for your money–without compromising the end user experience.


Get The Midas Touch: Analytics Reveal Your Golden Content

In Greek mythology, King Midas is remembered as the king with the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. And just like King Midas, how can you tell if visitors to your touchscreen are turning your information into gold?


Anode Projects Win Gold and Best in Show at Nashville ADDYs

The Nashville ADDY Awards were presented on Saturday night, February 27 at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. This year’s sold-out event attracted 785 entries from Nashville’s exceptional advertising, marketing and communications industries.


Two Projects Selected as Nashville ADDY Winners

Anode’s recent interactive projects for the Nashville Public Library and Adrian College have been chosen as 2016 Nashville ADDY winners in the American Advertising Awards. The American Advertising Awards are the largest creative competition in the world with over 40,000 local entries competing in 200 markets coast to coast.


Lessons for a Positive College Experience (#4: Be Prepared to Fail)

In my last post, I talked about the importance of taking risks. If you’re prepared to take risks, then you should also prepare yourself to make mistakes and possibly even fail…miserably. Only by accepting your own mistakes and failures can you learn from them and develop the self-confidence to keep trying and succeed. Of course if you keep failing by making the same mistake… well that’s another story.

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