Adrian Interactives

An Evolving Interactive Experience that Keeps Students Coming Back

Project Details

Client: Adrian College

Location: Adrian, MI

Date: August 2015


The young people of today are content consumers. If you want them to pay attention, you better deliver content and deliver it often. So for Adrian College in Michigan, we wanted to produce a series of campus interactives that would give students a reason to come back day after day. Plus, it had to be easily updated by the administrators.

Ward Admissions House

First we created the Admissions Center interactive. The design aesthetic helps the students feel at home, let’s them begin to envision what their lives will be on campus by seeing those that are like them enjoying their time at Adrian. Plus, it also lets all visitors quickly get their bearings. Simple to use, the university can easily change out building descriptions. Plus, related news articles and events and videos automatically pull from the university's social media and website, keeping the campus interactive fresh and up to date.

Caine Student Center

Next was the University Center Interactive. Playful, hip, now and relevant. It harnesses the energy of the student body as it flows through the student center and leverages that for daily interactions. In a glance, students can see everything that’s going on in their world, that day. Events and activities, scores from the latest games, Instagram photos from around campus. They can even participate in a daily Twitter poll. Again, almost everything is automatically pulled content from Instagram, the school website, and Twitter, once again minimizing the work for administrators. As another wayfinding guide, this kiosk also displays the same interactive campus map that is featured in the Ward Admissions House.

Peelle Center

Finally we created a Program Specific Interactive. We call it the mad scientist...mostly because it went in the university's science center and we at Anode have an odd sense of humor. The interactive is alluring and owns a coyness that quickly gives way to focused vibrancy. Once again, using the university’s existing data feeds, we can communicate relevant news and videos as well as the planetarium schedule. We even took it a step further and added an element of gaming. Visitors can test their scientific knowledge and even receive a grade. The quiz can be changed as often as the school administrators want, and all content refreshes at the same time as it does on the website.

Adrian has seen an 18% increase in Student Enrollments
The conversion rate for Campus Visits is now 36%
Retention Rate has climbed to 90%
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