Anode VR Game

Creating a branded experience for the party crowd

Project Details

Client: Anode, Inc.

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: October 2016

Equipment Suppliers: HTC, HP, Planar


For our 25th Anniversary Party, we created a virtual reality (VR) game to entertain our guests. Nobody likes a party where you stand around and watch other people have fun, so we also created a custom touchscreen application for spectators to follow along...and to make things a little more challenging for the active VR user.

Inside the VR Headset

The primary objective of the VR game is to re-build the Anode logo in 60 seconds. At the start of the experience, users are prompted to complete our logo by placing the "+" sign. Viewers then get a brief chance to view our completed logo before it shatters into 10 pieces that are spread around our virtual Lab of the future. The timer begins to countdown, and successful players will save the day before the clock hits zero. On the other hand, the less successful players initiate a complete meltdown of our virtual future.

Getting Everyone Involved

A custom touchscreen application turns bystanders into active game participants with a view into the VR world. As guests wait for their turn, they can monitor the active player's progress and see exactly what is displayed in the VR headset. On-screen controls allow spectators to deploy disruptions in the VR world as the user attempts to complete the game objective within the allotted time. By touching the activated on-screen buttons, viewers can add virtual toxic fog, employ anti-gravity, and play a little disco music to distract the VR user.

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