BuzzFeed Animations

An impressive, artistic display of digital content

Project Details

Client: BuzzFeed

Location: Licensing Expo (Las Vegas, NV)

Date: May 2017

Collaborators: PixelFLEX

Equipment Suppliers: PixelFLEX


When you are the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world, you do not go to the world's largest, most influential licensing trade show with a stock exhibit booth. Instead, BuzzFeed contacted PixelFLEX to create an artistic booth display with seven double-sided LED columns to feature BuzzFeed's stable of 10 brands. Working in collaboration with the PixelFLEX and BuzzFeed teams, Anode created a custom animation filled with video content, audience statistics, and branded transitions.

The BuzzFeed team planned an open floor plan for their 20' x 50' booth footprint. The centerpiece of the booth was a series of seven hanging LED columns for showcasing the vast library of BuzzFeed content.
The animation produced buy the Anode team included videos, stats, and logo transitions spread across each of the approximately 11' x 3' double-sided towers. For additional impact, the animation made use of all seven surfaces as a single canvas for key BuzzFeed branding sequences.
When we work with local partners like PixelFLEX, we test the movement, color, brightness, and legibility of text on the actual equipment that will be used on-site. In this case, we wanted to make sure that the logos, text, and background elements would look great on the 3.9mm LED panels, so PixelFLEX provided demo panels for us to test animation sequences in real time. This testing and collaboration allows our combined teams to provide the best possible experience for our mutual clients.
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