ACM/Dinah and Fred Gretsch Family Gallery

A Museum Experience that Creates Instantaneous Collaboration

Project Details

Client: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: April 2014

Size: 6,000 sq ft

Project Collaborators: 1220 Exhibits, DWP

Equipment Suppliers: Elo, Barco


The Country Music Hall of Fame focuses heavily on communicating the rich history and traditions of country music’s past. While telling the story of what has come before is essential, the Hall’s new exhibit offers an opportunity to show visitors what role they could play in country music’s vibrant present and boundless future. To accomplish this, Anode’s team of interactive designers and user experience specialists worked with the Hall to produce Discover Your Country, a series of connected applications culminating in a communal display of the visitors’ creations.

The exhibit’s digital engagements let visitors create their own unique story, making Discover Your Country’s experiential sum greater than its eight parts. The first step is for visitors to create an avatar at the registration station. This avatar allows each visitor to access each subsequent activity.
Included in the visitors’ journey is a booth to record and remix hit songs as well as an aptitude test that determines what role best suits the visitor—everything from producer, singer, attorney to even roadie. At each station, visitors earn badges and collect digital souvenirs. By collecting all the badges, visitors become "certified country." Digital souvenirs can be reviewed at the final station where visitors may also email their creations. The resulting email allows visitors to download their creation or share their visit on social media.
As a finale, visitors’ creations are added to the Community Wall display, a real time feed that displays visitor generated content for all to see. The wall allows for instantaneous creative collaboration, exponentially increasing the quality of visitor-generated content by giving Hall goers a glimpse of how endless their possibilities can be as they discover their role in country music.
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