Country Music Learning Stations

Reimagining a Museum Favorite for a New Generation

Project Details

Client: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: April 2017

Size: 12 Visitor Stations

Project Collaborators: 1220 Exhibits

Equipment Suppliers: Planar


The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum seeks to teach its diverse audiences about the cultural importance of country music through the collection, preservation, and interpretation of more than two million archived artifacts. In order to reveal how the heart and soul of country music shines through very diverse forms of expression, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum installed twelve interactive Learning Stations in 2001 to allow visitors to delve deeper into country music’s origins, stories, and traditions.

Realizing the need to update the original experience, the Museum reached out to Anode to reimagine these timeless artifacts of country music.

Each Learning Station contains four interactive applications – Styles on Stage, Photo Flashback, Country Comedy, and Rare Recordings.
Since each subject area is important to understand the culture of Country Music, the four areas of exploration are presented using a navigational strategy based on a circular platter in a pop-up book fashion. Thus, each application has equal weight and importance.

Styles on Stage

The Styles on Stage activity allows visitors to imagine a country music fashion icon by encouraging them to dress a male or female model with a curated collection of illustrated artifacts in the Museum’s archive. From hats and hairdos to shirts, skirts, dresses, and pants, each visitor can explore iconic fashion styles that make country music memorable.

Photo Flashback

Photo Flashback explores photographs of country music icons captured over the past 95 years. Choosing between one of three categories – Portraits Through Time, Country Performances, and Stars Off Stage – visitors peruse the Museum’s collection of images that capture the life and times of country music artists.

Country Comedy

Country Comedy provides a glimpse into an oft-ignored area of country music by showing how it’s not just country music artists who have played a part in country music history. Visitors explore how country comedy has evolved – from the variety shows of yesterday to the breakout comedy stars of today.

Rare Recordings

Rare Recordings, reveals the deep catalog of songs by country music legends that were not featured on the airwaves. Though radio hits help define many of the museum’s legends, it’s these rarely-heard cuts that help tell country music’s hidden history.

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