Haldex Trade Show Interactive

A Hands-on Booth Experience that Moves Beyond Just Shaking Hands

Project Details

Client: Haldex Brake Products Corporation

Location: HDAW 2017 (Las Vegas, NV)

Date: January 2017

Project Collaborators: ExpoDisplays

Equipment Suppliers: Elo Touch Solutions, Microsoft


Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. To communicate their renewed focus on customer service and to promote their expanding product line, the North American operation collaborated with ExpoDisplays and Anode to develop a custom exhibit booth. ExpoDisplays designed and fabricated the booth structure to include four touchscreen monitors and two tablets with software designed and developed by Anode. The end result is a flexible solution that can be customized for both audiences and venue spaces.

The Anode team produced a custom Windows application that appears on four large-format touchscreens, as well as two Surface tablets. The application presents detailed product information through videos and slide-based content for Haldex's technical-minded customers and prospects. Visitors may also review product literature and submit their contact information to receive printed or digital copies after the event. For the Haldex sales team, the Surface application lives on after the event as a tool for one-on-one presentations between large trade shows.
While they are in the booth, visitors can also test their knowledge of industry terms and regulations through an interactive trivia quiz. The quiz tests participants' knowledge on ten randomly selected questions. Feedback is given in real-time, and the overall score is presented at the end of the quiz. The activity encourages visitors to stay in the booth longer, while also providing a lead-in to Haldex's related product offerings.
To make it easy for Haldex to manage all the interactive content, Anode also developed a custom content management system. The featured product categories may be turned on and off to match future trade show audiences, and new content is added through intuitive web-based forms. The Haldex team also uses the CMS to download any contact information collected during the show. To track the activity across all screens, each individual application reports usage analytics back to the CMS for Haldex to gauge the most popular products and content viewed at each show.
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