Laboratory for System Integrity and Reliability

An Interactive Showcase for Engineering Innovations

Project Details

Client: Vanderbilt University School of Engineering

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: August 2014

Size: 900 sq ft

Project Collaborators: Imagen

Equipment Suppliers: Ideum


Vanderbilt University’s Laboratory for Systems Integrity and Reliability (LASIR), a 20,000 square-foot proving ground for engineering theories validated at a realistic-scale, produces engineering innovations that are as technically sophisticated as they are groundbreaking. So when LASIR wanted to visually communicate the “why” and “how” of its trailblazing research projects to a mass audience, it needed an equally innovative mouthpiece.

Anode’s team of visual information designers worked closely with LASIR administrators and researchers to translate complex engineering research projects, spanning multiple industries including energy and manufacturing, into a visual showcase that appealed to audiences of all levels and backgrounds.
Our efforts resulted in a 100-inch interactive touch table where up to six visitors can help bring the University’s preeminent research projects to life. The size of the table provides ample space to tell the story of over half-a-dozen projects.
Even more importantly, the collaborative nature of the interactive encourages visitors to share content with others at the table by pushing “project pucks” from their area to a viewer elsewhere at the table.
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