Merchandise Your Collection

A Complete Solution for Promoting Your Physical and Digital Book Titles
Right Where Patrons are Browsing

Promote Reading Lists

Customizable header graphics draw attention to the featured reading lists.

Discover What's On The Shelf

The top row is dedicated to featured physical titles that are found on the shelf.

Explore Titles Beyond the Shelf

A second row is reserved for titles in digital download format--such as ebooks and audio books.

Increase Circulation

Increase circulation through themed reading lists from your current catalog.

Promote Events

A special icon encourages patrons to explore upcoming events in your library.

Offer Something for Everyone

Customizable tabs across the bottom allow patrons to view additional reading lists.
Integrated Library System Requirements
Currently, the digital end cap is compatible with VuFind, Pika, and Millennium. We are happy to investigate the possibility of working with your current ILS. We do require that your ILS provides a well-documented developer API.

Put all the details at their fingertips

Patrons explore your curated lists by selecting a category and swiping through media titles.

Selecting a title will reveal three new tabs with a summary of catalog details, reviews, and availability by branch and format.

Media titles presented visually and dynamically

Provide your patrons with innovative ways to engage with your collection like never before!


Equipment Specifications

We include hardware suited for the library environment.

  • A 32” touch screen monitor with on-board PC
  • Projected-capacitive interface for a smooth user experience
  • Commercial-grade components with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Data Feed Requirements

The digital end cap requires the following data sources:

  • An ILS platform with well-documented developer API for reading lists, titles, formats, and availability
  • A ProQuest Syndetic Solutions account for reviews and book cover artwork
  • NoveList and LibraryThing accounts for related titles
  • Event schedules in XML or JSON formats

Reading List Management

A web-based interface puts you in complete control.

  • Admins create and update reading lists using your current ILS platform
  • With multiple digital end caps, reading lists can be assigned to any screen location
  • Create and update reading lists as often as you like

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