Mercedes-Benz Visionary Center

Blending the physical and digital worlds to capture the future of mobility

Project Details

Client: Mercedes-Benz U.S. International

Location: Vance, Alabama

Date: January 2018

Project Collaborators: Method-1 Interiors

Equipment Suppliers: Planar, Madrix, Environmental Lights


For the Mercedes-Benz Visionary Center, Anode created a pair of exploratory touchscreens that connect visitors to the innovations behind the company's vision for the future of mobility.

The project was completed in collaboration with Method-1 Interiors to create an immersive experience that blends the physical room design with the interactive content.

Designed by Method-1 Interiors, the environmental room design surrounds visitors with clean finishes, branded elements, and a series of custom LED inlays to match the energy of the concept vehicle. To guide visitors through the rich visual content, Anode created a pair of interactive video walls that reveal the products and projects defining a new future of mobility.
The accent lighting pulses from left to right to add a sense of organic energy as visitors explore the space. Using addressable LED neon, the lights work in conjunction with the on-screen graphics. Pulses appear to leave the physical LED lights and transition through the digital background and user interface elements on the touch screen surfaces.

Marrying the Physical with the Digital

Integrating custom case work with touch screen hardware and over 400 feet of LED requires careful planning and collaboration.

By working directly with the Method-1 Interiors team, we were able to align the capabilities and limitations for both the digital and physical components throughout the design, programming, and fabrication processes.

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