Southeast Branch Library

A New Kind of Library Experience

Project Details

Client: Nashville Public Library

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: October 2014

Size: 30,000 sq ft

Project Collaborators: Lose and Associates, American Constructors, LMG, Imagen

Equipment Suppliers: Planar, Barco, Ideum, Elo


For nearly two decades, the Southeast Branch of the Nashville Public Library has been serving the Antioch community. In October of 2014, a new branch location was opened to the public after an extensive renovation to a previous department store space. This new branch is the result of years of planning with advanced technology being a major feature in the new location.

A large projection on glass welcomes visitors and foreshadows the innovative experience inside. Five digital end caps and a multi-touch table highlight the library's physical and digital collections, while an impressive digital artwork installation celebrates the commonalities of the diverse community.
Promoting the library's back catalog of titles and showcasing the digital titles in the library's collection were key concerns for the NPL team. Anode and NPL collaborated to create the first digital end cap solution in the NPL system. The interactive end caps provide a colorful, dynamic way for the library to promote lists of books and other materials to patrons right in the book stacks. Even current events at the library are featured on the screen and can be browsed just like they were on the shelf with the books. The appearance of the end caps gives the book stacks a more "retail bookstore" feeling, and injects energy into the book browsing experience. The single-user end caps were then expanded to create a multi-user coffee table and discovery wall for patrons to share in the discovery of new media. For ease of management, all books lists are pulled from NPL's existing VuFind system.
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