Nashville Public Library Foundation Donor Recognition Installation

An Ever-Changing Celebration of Generosity

Project Details

Client: Nashville Public Library Foundation

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: June 2016

Project Collaborators: Susan Hulme, Signcraft, LMG

Equipment Suppliers: BenQ, Black Box, BrightSign


Many capital campaigns for charitable causes honor the gifts made by donors by posting their name on a plaque for recognition and posterity. But how many donor recognition plaques showcase how the generosity of the donors is being put to use every day?

Anode created a unique, mixed media installation that seamlessly marries donor recognition with digital displays and custom animation to convey the major giving opportunities favored by the donors; inspiring young minds, bringing books to life, encouraging teens and community engagement and lifelong learning.

Nashville Public Library Foundation's "Write the Next Chapter" fundraising campaign donor recognition installation is a living, breathing, and ever-changing reminder of the lives touched by the generosity of NPLF donors.

Located in the grand staircase of the main branch of the Nashville Public Library, the donor recognition installation is washed with beautiful, natural light throughout the day. Donor names are flanked by moving text and images to bring to life the programs and initiatives supported by the monetary gifts.

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