'Pitching In' to the East Nashville Community

BY Administrator

Through our interactive design work, we always look for ways to teach individuals—especially children—new ways to engage with the world around them. We use stories, visual information design, and on-screen activities to guide younger generations to learn from history, discover how things work, or realize the value of teamwork and collaboration.

Whether in the digital or physical world, one of the best ways to foster learning is through hands-on play. Therefore, Anode has been a proud sponsor of the players, coaches, and parents of the East Nashville Little League since 2013. We believe the camaraderie and shared lessons learned on the baseball fields in our own backyard contribute to the successful growth of Nashville’s next generation.

As an added benefit… We also recognize that organized community events for our youth help shape an attractive neighborhood for Nashville’s growing technology and creative workforce. So grab a baseball cap, order a hotdog, and join us in cheering on everyone involved in the East Nashville Little League. (But most importantly…Go Anode Cardinals!)

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